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Physique Engineer is a government-registered multinational online health consultancy and fitness education provider company founded by IIT Gold Medalist JAI SINGH.


UAM NO: MH33DO124909, GSTIN: 27EKGPS3114F1Z7, Registration: UDYAM-MH-33-0141031, IP India Gov. Under No. 4992278, Trade Mark No:- 4715394 Class: 41, Skill India Registration TC ID: TC157324 TP ID: TP096317, ISO 9001:2015 Certified, BRIT QUALIS CERTIFICATION (UK) LIMITED, London, UNITED KINGDOM. Registration Number: BRIT05265 

Physique Engineer was initially started as a small start-up by JAI SINGH to provide health solutions to people back in 2016 at his college IIT-BHU but currently, we have expanded to 21 countries by providing our services and fitness education.

Physique Engineer is on a mission to produce 1 Million highly knowledgeable, quality fitness professionals by making fitness education easily accessible and extremely affordable for everyone.

About Founder JAI SINGH

JAI SINGH is a prominent name in the fitness industry for providing miraculous fitness services at the most affordable prices. He has an inspiring academic background withholding the title of an IIT Gold Medalist, and completed his studies at India's prestigious college "Indian Institute of Technology - Banaras Hindu University" ( IIT-BHU ).

Due to his keen interest in getting fit & making people fit, he has been working in the Fitness Industry for the last ten years and has done internationally accredited certifications in Specialised Nutrition, Advanced Personal Trainer, Female Personal Trainer, and Special Population Training.

He has transformed tons of people during his career and has the life goal to inspire people to take a step towards fitness & help them to achieve their dreamed physique by providing classified, problem-solving, and advanced information on health and nutrition.

Mr. Jai is presently working on his mighty mission of transforming 1 million lives and creating 1 million highly qualified fitness professionals before 2028.

IIT Gold Medalist
CEO, Physique Engineer
Director, PE Specialized Health Institute
Author: 45 Fitness Books
YouTuber: 1 Lakh+ Subscribers
Influencer: Amazon Storefront
International Advanced Fitness Trainer
Special Population Trainer
Specialized Nutritionist
Female Fitness Trainer
Network: Fitness Freaks 100000+
Mission: 1 Million Transformations
Business Presence: 21 Countries


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