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I am very happy to be a part of this ADVANCED PERSONAL TRAINER CERTIFICATION COURSE. I have learned a lot by doing this course. The work you have done to teach this course in such depth and simplicity is truly commendable. Making this course accessible to common people at such an affordable price is a good step for human welfare. Therefore I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please continue your efforts and keep contributing towards human welfare.

I am happy to be a part of this course. I have learned a lot by doing this course. The work you have done to teach this course in such depth and simplicity is truly commendable. Making this course accessible to common people at such a low price is a good step for human welfare. Therefore I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please continue your efforts and keep contributing to human welfare.


With such high-quality content, it is unbelievable to have such a great course at a very low price. All course modules are beautifully structured with all informative pinpoint lectures. One thing I must say is that this course is loaded with lots of genuine information. This advanced fitness trainer course was too good and informative. Looking forward to such quality courses. Highly recommended for everyone…!!!


This course gives an international level of knowledge in a very simple language, hats off to Mr. Jai Singh.


It is a really very good course. I completed 2 CPT courses in other organizations. But this course provides very deep knowledge. The videos are very good...!!! 


National Police Academy Hyderabad.

Great Course. I love the way it is designed, and delivered. I learned a lot. The most important part is that I enjoy every bit of the Lecture 👍 Thanks a Lot For Making This Course Affordable.👍


Dear Physique Engineer Team,
Firstly, I have nothing but praise for how the course has been set up and arranged in an orderly manner and for specific modules by the Physique Engineer Team.
Everything in the course was explained in detail with proper resources and real-life examples. The instructor of the course Mr. Jai Singh has been extremely exceptional in his teaching and immense knowledge. The instructor has been both enthusiastic as well as passionate throughout the course which makes it even more fun and interesting till the end.
For me personally, the presentation of the course was very clear and it generated great understanding and optimism. I can confidently say that this is by far the best online course I’ve ever taken in terms of knowledge and experience. I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it.
The Advanced Personal Trainer course is logical, well-structured, and well-researched and I will definitely apply what I’ve learned from the course and benefit from it. Not only me, but I’m also pretty sure every single person who’s taken the course is going to benefit from it massively.
Lastly, I would like to thank the entire Physique Engineer Team for designing such an outstanding course and strengthening and shaping my knowledge. Also, I hope the course is available to me so I can continue to brush up on my knowledge as needed.


I am very grateful to join your academy, and learn more and more deeply. I am very appreciative of your teaching process. And again thank you so much, I am glad to be a part of your academy.


The course is very good, a totally next-level course. This is the best course to choose if you are interested in in-depth knowledge about health and fitness. 


The course is going well. The explanation by Jai Singh sir is very good and deep. Got to learn a lot of great concepts of fitness within a single course.


Dear sir, 

The course was very good. Learned lots of amazing things and beneficial concepts of fitness from this course. It is helping me a lot to grow and excel in the field of fitness.

Thank you so much...!!!

Kamlesh Yadav


Your course is highly informative. It is loaded with lots of genuine & advanced information. Jai Sir your work is top-notch, truly of world-class level.


Much needed initiative for the fitness industry, it is great to see that IITians like you are solving the real-life problems of middle-class people. You have made the dream of many fitness freaks to attain quality education real in real life. Big salute & huge respect to you JAI Sir.


It was a great course with a good budget, with a great coach Jai sir. I learned a lot even after having 15 years of experience in the fitness field.

Salute to this man JAI SINGH. He is taking fitness to the next level in INDIA. People like him need our support to show their knowledge and skills. It is unbelievable to get 296 ultimate fitness lectures at such a low price. The information taught in the course is worth millions. I am really grateful to get this course. Thank you...!!!Honestly, he's doing great work also would recommend this course to everyone who's interested in fitness ...!!!


Truly awesome…!!! 

With such high-quality content, it is unbelievable to have such a great course at a very low price. All course sections are very informative. This course is loaded with lots of genuine & advanced information. Jai Sir your work is top-notch, truly of world-class level. This course is highly recommended if you are a serious fitness freak searching for advanced information.



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✅ Health Introduction

✅ Categories Of Fitness Participants

✅ Participant Training Approach

✅ Anatomy

✅ Standard Anatomical Position

✅ Standard Anatomical Directions

✅ Standard Anatomical Planes

✅ Skeleton Anatomy

✅ Axial Skeleton

✅ Appendicular Skeleton

✅ Types of Bone

✅ Functions of bone

✅ Parts of Typical Bone

✅ Joints (Arthrology): Functional Classifications Of Joints

✅ Types Of Synovial Joints: Hinge Joint, Compound Joint, Gliding Joint, Pivot Joint, Ball & Socket Joint, Saddle Joint, Condyloid Joint

✅ Composition Of Muscle

✅ Muscle Tissue Classification

✅ Properties Of Muscles: Excitability, Contractibility, Elasticity, Extensibility, Tonicity

✅ Sliding Filament Theory

✅ Structure of Skeleton Muscle

✅ Functions Of Muscle: Muscle movement, Joint stabilization, heat production, Posture Improvement, Blood Circulation, and Digestion.

✅ Muscle Fibre Classification: Type 1 vs Type 2 muscle fiber? And Type II A VS Type II B muscle fiber

✅ Types Of Contraction: Isotonic Contraction, Isometric Contraction, and Isokinetic Contraction

✅ Connective Tissues: Cartilage, Ligaments, Tendon, etc.

✅ Kinesiology

✅ Kinetic Chain

✅ Types of Actions: Flexion, Extension, Hyperextension, Abduction, Adduction, Horizontal Abduction, Horizontal Adduction, Medial rotation, Lateral rotation, Scapulae Movements (Elevation, Depression, Retraction, & Protraction), Circumduction, Supination, Pronation, Ipsilateral, Contralateral, Lateral Flexion, Radial Flexion, Ulnar flexion, Plantar Flexion, Dorsi Flexion, Inversion, Eversion.

✅ Exercise classification: Bilateral Exercises, Isolateral Exercises, Unilateral Exercises

✅ Kinetic Chain Exercise: Isolation movements, Compound movements, Open chain Movements, Closed Chain Movements, Supported, Unsupported Movements, Push Movements, Pull Movements.

✅ Exercise Classification Concept Utilization

✅ Fitness Components

✅ Cardiovascular Endurance

✅ Heart health

✅ Burn Fat

✅ Cardiovascular Endurance Test

✅ Muscular Power

✅ Muscular Strength

✅ Muscular Strength Test

✅ Muscular Endurance

✅ Muscular Endurance Test

✅ Flexibility


✅ Body Fat

✅ Types of Body Fats

✅ Ideal Body Fat Percentage

✅ Body Composition

✅ Bodybuilding Terms

✅ Hypertrophy

✅ Myofibrillar Hypertrophy

✅ Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy

✅ Muscle Atrophy: Muscle Loss

✅ Muscle Pump

✅ After Burn?

✅ Supercompensation: Results Calculation

✅ Right Training Concepts: Overtraining, Perfect Training, Under Training

✅ Supercompensation Cycle

✅ Muscle Soreness

✅ Types of Soreness

✅ Acute Muscle Soreness



✅ Post Gym Illness & Prevention

✅ Detraining Core Concepts

✅ Aerobic Exercises

✅ Aerobic vs Cardio

✅ Workout Breathing

✅ Oxygen Debt

✅ Hyperventilation

✅ HIIT: Workout, Benefits, Fat Burn

✅ Impact Activities

✅ Cardio Planning

✅ Gym terminology

✅ Bodybuilding Common Words at the gym

✅ Agonist and Antagonist Muscle

✅ Synergist Muscle

✅ Stabilizer Muscles

✅ Body Types

✅ Ectomorph

✅ Endomorph

✅ Mesomorph

✅ Wrist Trick: Body Type Determination

✅ Muscle: Origin-Insertion-Action

✅ Biceps Muscle Group: Origin, Insertion, Action, & Development

✅ Articulation

✅ Biceps Brachii

✅ Brachialis Muscle

✅ Brachioradialis Muscle

✅ Triceps Muscle Group: Origin, Insertion, Action, & Development

✅ Triceps Long Head

✅ Triceps Lateral Head

✅ Triceps Medial Head

✅ Shoulder Body Part

✅ Deltoid Muscle Group: Origin, Insertion, Action, & Development

✅ Deltoid Heads

✅ Rotator Cuff: Muscle Group: Origin, Insertion, Action, & Development

✅ Supraspinatus

✅ Supraspinatus Rehabilitation Exercise

✅ Infraspinatus

✅ Teres Minor

✅ Subscapularis

✅ Lift Off Test

✅ Shoulder Pain Cure Exercises

✅ Chest Muscle Group: Origin, Insertion, Action, & Development

✅ Chest Muscle Myths

✅ Pectoralis Major Muscle

✅ Pectoralis Minor Muscle

✅ Back Muscle Group: Origin, Insertion, Action, & Development

✅ Levator Scapulae Muscle

✅ Trapezius Muscle

✅ Rhomboid Muscle

✅ Teres Major Muscle

✅ Lattissmus Dorsi Muscle

✅ Lattissmus Dorsi Muscle Actions
Erector Spinae Muscle

✅ Exercise & Treatment: Back pain & Slipped Disc

✅ Iliocostalis Muscle

✅ Longissimus Muscle

✅ Spinalis Muscle

✅ Multifidus Muscle

✅ Abs Muscle Group: Origin, Insertion, Action, & Development

✅ Rectus Abdominis Muscle

✅ Transverse Abdominis Muscle

✅ Internal Oblique Muscle

✅ External Oblique Muscle

✅ Leg Body Part

✅ Leg Training Approach

✅ Movement of Lower Limb

✅ Leg Growth Tips

✅ Glute Muscle Group: Origin, Insertion, Action, & Development

✅ Gluteus Maximus Muscles

✅ Gluteus Medius Muscles

✅ Gluteus Minimus Muscles

✅ Gluteus Minimus Muscles

✅ Quadriceps Muscle Group: Origin, Insertion, Action, & Development

✅ Vastus Lateralis Muscle

✅ Vastus Medialis Muscle

✅ Teardrop Muscle

✅ Vastus Intermedius Muscle

✅ Rectus Femoris Muscle

✅ Knee Pain Cure

✅ Hamstring Muscle Group: Origin, Insertion, Action, & Development

✅ True Hamstring

✅ Semimembranoues Muscle

✅ Semitendinosus Muscle

✅ Biceps Femoris Muscle

✅ Hip Flexor Muscle Group: Origin, Insertion, Action, & Development

✅ Iliacus Muscle

✅ Psoas Major Muscle

✅ Secret Health Concept: Muscle Of The Soul

✅ Sartorius Muscle

✅ Adductor Muscle Group: Origin, Insertion, Action, & Development

✅ Adductor Longus Muscle

✅ Adductor Brevis Muscle

✅ Adductor Magnus Muscle

✅ Adductor Minimus Muscle

✅ Pectineus Muscle

✅ Gracilis Muscle

✅ Obturator Externus Muscle

✅ Calf Muscle Group: Origin, Insertion, Action, & Development

✅ Gastrocnemius Muscle

✅ Soleus Muscle

✅ Tip For Bigger Calves

✅ Calves Training Approach

✅ Role of Genetics in Calves Size

✅ Shin Muscle Group: Origin, Insertion, Action, & Development

✅ Tibialis Anterior Muscle

✅ Fibularis Tertius Muscle

✅ Peroneus Tertius Muscle

✅ Science Behind Warm-Up & Cool Down Depth Analysis and Demonstration

✅ Stretching & its Benefits

✅ Active & Passive Stretching

✅ Chest Active Stretching

✅ Chest Passive Stretching

✅ Chest Stretching Mistake

✅ Back Active Stretching

✅ Back Passive Stretching

✅ Shoulder Active Stretching

Shoulder Passive Stretching

✅ Biceps Active Stretching

✅ Biceps Passive Stretching

✅ Triceps Active Stretching

✅ Triceps Passive Stretching

✅ Abs Active Stretching

✅ Abs Passive Stretching

✅ Leg Active Stretching

✅ Full Body Active Stretching

✅ Glute Passive Stretching

✅ Quadriceps Passive Stretching

✅ Hamstring Passive Stretching

✅ Hip Flexors Best Passive Stretching

✅ Adductors Passive Stretching

✅ Calves(Gastrocnemius) Passive Stretching

✅ Calves (Soleus) Top 3 Passive Stretching

✅ Full Body Passive Stretching

✅ Periodization & Scheduling

✅ Periodization: Strength, Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Heart Health, Sports Specific

✅ Workout Routine Designing Thumb Rules

✅ Specialized Video: Trapezius Training

✅ Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Level Exercise Classification
-Advanced Back Exercises: All Muscle Group

✅ Super Sets - Drop Sets - Giant Sets

✅ Practical Leg Gym & Home Exercises

✅ Practical Leg Gym & Home Exercises

✅ Practical Back Gym & Home Exercises

✅ Practical Chest Gym & Home Exercises

✅ Practical Shoulder Gym & Home Exercises

✅ Practical Triceps Gym & Home Exercises

✅ Practical Biceps Gym & Home Exercises

✅ Practical Abs Gym & Home Exercises

✅ Practical Forearm & Trap Gym Exercises

✅ Practical Full Body Students Workout

✅ Practical Full Body Women Workout

✅ Practical Lower Abs Development Blueprint

✅ Practical Highest Calorie Burning Exercises

✅ Physique Engineer Athletes

✅ Pro Bodybuilding Posing

✅ Physique Engineer Athlete Interviews

✅ Bodybuilding Meals

✅ Exercise Calorie Burning Estimation: Cardio & Weight Training

✅ Power Workout

✅ Gym Injuries & Prevention

300+ Amazing Fitness Topics Covered Within a Single Course
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